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Beautiful Design.

​Beautiful Results.

The most intelligent flashcard app out there. Create unlimited notecards, test your knowledge, and track your studying. The app tracks performance on cards and sorts them based on our algorithm so tests help you improve upon the most complicated concepts. Track your study time so you have a motivating way to learn anything you can imagine and can hold yourself accountable.

  • Use SwiftCard to study for standardized tests like the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and more 
  • Combine images and text to learn languages, improve math skills, or study more advanced topics like chemistry, calculus, and physics
  • Set the time limit to 5 seconds on a test for an incredibly challenging and fun way for group study sessions
  • Use the app as a study tracker and a score tracker for measuring daily how much studying you have done and how much you have improved. If you can't measure, you can't manage.

Powerful Analytics.

SwiftCard reduces the noise of other notecard apps while remaining incredibly effective. You won't find any advertisements in here, nor will you find any pestering messages for in-app purchases (we refuse to sell any). You get everything with download on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Unlimited tests, unlimited categories, unlimited cards. No limits. FastCard gives you the complete canvas, now you make the masterpiece. Really. You can put on your artists cap to add custom charts and diagrams.

$9.99 To Learn Whatever Better

  • Create unlimited notecards/flashcards for learning anything!​
  • Include custom photos, drawings, or diagrams in notecards for more advanced subjects
  • Test yourself while prioritizing the notecards you need the most help on
  • Customize tests to a time limit for a challenging yet fun experience
  • Track your study time and past tests so you can hold yourself accountable 
  • Track stats for individual SwiftCards so you can see which cards need improvement 


Flashcard Maker, Study Notecards & Test Helper

These aren't your ordinary notecards. The SwiftCard test system goes through your cards under timed pressure and then keeps track of all your scores so you can see your overall average and your total time studying, among other stats. Further, on each individual card you can also see the performance. This way, when you aren't doing a full test, you know which individual cards to go back to. If you can't measure, you can't manage.