Maybe you're a dreamer starting your own company, or a small team with big dreams. Maybe you are a fundraiser at a non profit. Maybe you just work at a company that's a little old school. Regardless of where you come from, we are here to help. That's why everything is included upon download. There are no subscriptions or in-app purchases (we refuse to have them). Plus you get an Apple Watch app for when you want to use SwiftCall on the go. Download today so you can simplify your whole sales process and grow your business.

Manage your lead pipeline intelligently from first contact through close. Create leads and then the app will do the work of sorting them into call lists. Once you begin a call session with that list, SwiftCall will auto-dial leads for you while giving you the chance to review and edit notes. SwiftCall tracks your progress with each lead so it can help you prioritize the leads that are more promising and save you vital time. Already have hundreds, or even thousands of leads? No problem: import a CSV with them into SwiftCall to augment your current sales software. 

One time $19.99 Purchase

That's why SwiftCall keeps track of your progress with a dashboard of analytics for weekly reports of your call sessions. It breaks them down into calls, deals, and revenue per day so you know how you are performing. It’s like a fitness tracker for your business growth. You can also see all of your past call sessions and achievements you have earned so you can see your trends long-term.

If you can't measure, you can't manage

SwiftCall is the way call time was always meant to be. Automatically create intelligently sorted call lists that you can auto-dial through, earn achievements and review detailed reports tracking your progress, and quickly take follow-up actions without ever having to leave the app. Call leads with all their information at your finger tips and without having to scan your eyes between multiple screens.

Timely and simple follow-ups

Call time doesn’t just stop with the call. You want to stay fresh in the mind of your lead so they know that you valued their time. That’s why SwiftCall helps you quickly send off follow-up emails from the app, and will even help you schedule your next call with them and receive notifications on your phone as well as your Apple Watch. 

Sales Auto-Dialer

​& Lead tracking CRM


A Smarter Way to Manage Leads