I made edits to a FastCard and after I saved no other cards in the library can be edited

Double tap on the home screen of your iPhone and swipe up on the FastCard app. When you reopen it, your flashcards will be editable again.

My FastCards aren't loading in the library! What do I do?

This is a minor thing that happens occasionally, your flashcards and all of their data are safe. All you need to do is double tap the home screen on your iPhone and swipe up on the FastCard app. When you reopen it, all of your flashcards will be visible again.

How do I import leads?

To import leads, go to the contacts feature and tap on "New Lead." Near the very top you will see a button that says "Import Contact." From here you can search for a contact and it will pre-fill as many of the fields you have filled out for that contact. Following this you can designate a value and status as you normally would. 



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