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Why Our Apps Have No Subscriptions, Ads, Or In-App Purchases 

Flashcards haven’t always been my go to method for learning, but for some subjects I cannot do without them. Right now, I am studying Spanish and have found flashcards indispensable. It is from this experience that I have developed SwiftCard, the app I trust my learning with...READ MORE

Today was a special day (which you can perhaps see because it is one of the few times I have donned a tie since starting Adventurate). I received a Character Award from the West Michigan Character Council for my work creating SafeWater Flint.
If you can recall, SafeWater Flint was an app released in February to help the residents of Flint, Michigan find clean water stations...READ MORE

Adventurate Founder Receives Character Award

West Coast Chamber of Commerce: Free App Aids In Exploring Michigan for Less

SwiftCall, the way call time was meant to be

Three years ago this month, I climbed the ladder into entrepreneurship and have been running my own app company ever since. Each year of my entrepreneurial journey has been transformative, but this year been the most epic yet. Through this blog, I hope to shed some light on what it is like to experience this adventure, and what it is like to successfully navigate a pivot....READ MORE

So there you are, going to print out that important contract to sign. You go to the printer praying that “low ink” doesn’t mean no ink. But this time, the procrastination has caught up with you and you are out of ink - and luck. We’ve all been there.

Enter SwiftDocs...READ MORE

What It Is Like to Switch Careers and Run a Software Startup (Year One)

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Adventurate has been in business for over a year, and as a new version of Adventurate is released this weekend I feel this is a good time to reflect on the development of Adventurate that has made it so it makes discovering and booking adventures easier than ever before, and also to take this moment to reflect on what it has been like to switch careers and run a software startup for the past year. Starting a business is starting an adventure that develops you as a person...READ MORE

I am writing today to talk with you about a new project called SafeWater Flint. The people of Flint are in crises. Their water has been poisoned with lead and they can’t trust their water taps or their government. As a result, water stations have formed providing water bottles, water filters, and more to the residents of Flint. When people are in trouble it is not enough to talk; we must act. Watching this crises unfold has been tough, but using my coding skills from Adventurate I have created a new app to help make the situation a little bit better. This new app, SafeWater Flint helps Flint residents find clean water...READ MORE

“Steal the user’s time and then sell it back to them.” This adage among app publishers for monetizing apps summarizes a big problem in the App Store. Look at the apps stuffing their screens with advertisements and then requiring an upgrade to remove them. Or check out the apps that advertise a major feature and then require purchasing that functionality after downloading. My personal favorite for the slimiest method are games where after losing a life, you could get it back if you watched an ad....READ MORE

What It Is Like to Switch Careers and Run a Software Startup (Year Three)

Adventurate Presents SafeWater Flint

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West Coast Chamber of Commerce: Adventurate Founder Receives Character Award

From the crucible of starting my own company, I know exactly how draining call time can be. I had a goal of over 50 calls a day for selling businesses on the travel marketplace I was developing, yet this was an overwhelming process. I would look over on a spreadsheet, type a number manually into my phone, make a tally on a piece of paper counting the number of calls I had completed, and try to dig into my mind to decide who to call next. For a lot of us, call time is necessary, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that bad...READ MORE

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