From the crucible of starting my own company, I know exactly how draining call time can be. I had a goal of over 50 calls a day for selling businesses on the travel marketplace I was developing, yet this was an overwhelming process. I would look over on a spreadsheet, type a number manually into my phone, make a tally on a piece of paper counting the number of calls I had completed, and try to dig into my mind to decide who to call next. For a lot of us, call time is necessary, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that bad.

This was the inspiration behind SwiftCall. SwiftCall is an app that manages your whole call time work flow and lead management from first contact to close. You create your leads, and then the app will automatically create call lists for you. SwiftCall knows which leads you are most likely to close, and it organizes your call time based on that calculation. This pays off huge when you are in the middle of a 75+ call session and don’t have time to think out every single call strategically.

No need to type in phone numbers, and no need to switch eyes from your computer to your iPhone. The app even brings up a note pad when you are on a call, so you can quickly jot down notes.​

SwiftCall, the way call time was meant to be

SwiftCall not only stores analytics for each lead, but keeps track of your performance in your call sessions. You can see your daily call count, close count, and revenue count, just as if you were tracking your steps or calories on a fitness band (speaking of which, SwiftCall is available for Apple Watch).

And we know that a call doesn’t end at the call - you have to follow through to close a deal. You have to email and schedule follow-ups, and so with SwiftCall this process can be completed without ever leaving the app. You can even customize an email preset to send to leads that includes HTML formatting. This way, you don’t have retype the same email a hundred times, or even leave the app to copy and paste a prewritten one from your notes app. Being able to email leads and schedule your follow-ups right from the app is a game-changer.

This is an app formed by real experience, so it has all the features you’ll need to make sales and have an easier time doing it. We can’t wait to help you reach your goals.