Flashcards haven’t always been my go to method for learning, but for some subjects I cannot do without them. Right now, I am studying Spanish and have found flashcards indispensable. It is from this experience that I have developed SwiftCard, the app I trust my learning with.

SwiftCard is a flashcard maker that allows you to make unlimited flashcards, test them under timed pressure, and then track your performance over time. Particularly key to SwiftCard’s usefulness is that it tracks your performance on individual cards and assigns a SwiftCard Importance Score. This allows your cards to be sorted based on what concepts you need to spend more time on. It makes it so when you are in test mode, it will know what you need to work on first and give you those cards. It is pretty cool. 

The performance tracking is really helpful. It can help let you know how long you have been studying and see trends of your tests. Further, you can see your performance on individual cards. It keeps track of things you wouldn't have the time to when you are studying

Study Smarter With SwiftCard

​While I didn’t have a flashcard app when I was attending Michigan State University, I know that if I did this would have been it. The refreshing part about using it compared to other apps (remember, I use it pretty much every week to supplement my Spanish studies) is it is completely empty of the type of clutter that make other apps a study distraction rather than a study companion. You do not need any subscriptions or in-app purchases to use SwiftCard; everything is available right upon download.

Happy studying SwiftCard’ers!