So there you are, going to print out that important contract to sign. You go to the printer praying that “low ink” doesn’t mean no ink. But this time, the procrastination has caught up with you and you are out of ink - and luck. We’ve all been there.

Enter SwiftDocs.

No worry, because now you can import the PDF from the email into SwiftDocs, sign it, and send it back in within a minute (minus the whole act of reading the document, which you should still probably do).

SwiftDocs is a document management app that brings the power of a desktop editor to your device, with a swiftness of editing only possible on a touch screen. Sign & markup PDFs, email documents, or scan and store your docs into the app. No being slowed down by not having a printer or scanner nearby ever again.

The eSignatures within SwiftDocs are powerful. They use a special PureSign system developed by Adventurate, which smooths out the edges of signatures. Digital signatures usually have a tell-tale shakiness, a result of not having the friction of a pen on paper. However, PureSign makes your signatures buttery smooth. It’ll perhaps be even cleaner then your actual signature.

You can also quickly add text boxes and dates to your documents. SwiftDocs helps speed up the process by allowing you to create presets for the app. This makes it so for standard form questions you don’t have to repeatedly enter in the same information again and again.

SwiftDocs is one of those apps that perhaps isn’t a "change the world product," but it’ll certainly make your life a whole lot simpler. What is exciting to me about that is that it will help you go out and change the world.

Check SwiftDocs out on the App Store, and if you have any questions send an email to

Sign documents and markup PDFs with SwiftDocs