A free app to help Flint, Michigan residents find clean water

Adventurate Presents SafeWater Flint

Hello friends,

I am writing today to talk with you about a new project called SafeWater Flint. The people of Flint are in crises. Their water has been poisoned with lead and they can’t trust their water taps or their government. As a result, water stations have formed providing water bottles, water filters, and more to the residents of Flint. When people are in trouble it is not enough to talk; we must act. Watching this crises unfold has been tough, but using my coding skills from Adventurate I have created a new app to help make the situation a little bit better. This new app, SafeWater Flint helps Flint residents find clean water.

SafeWater Flint is available to download for free on the App Store using iPhones, iPads (in the iPhone-only section), or iPod Touches. With this free app people can find the nearest water stations, see what supplies are available at the station and what hours the station is open, and then pull up driving directions to the station. The app is completely free. None of the data on use will be sold to advertisers. 

With Adventurate I hope to help people explore the world. With SafeWater Flint I hope to make it a little better and help those in need.

Best regards,

Jake Santangelo

​P.S. Link to the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/safewater-flint-find-water/id1079179056?mt=8

P.S. Link to website: safewaterflint.com