Hello Friends,

Today was a special day (which you can perhaps see because it is one of the few times I have donned a tie since starting Adventurate). I received a Character Award from the West Michigan Character Council for my work creating SafeWater Flint.

If you can recall, SafeWater Flint was an app released in February to help the residents of Flint, Michigan find clean water stations. Dangerous levels of lead have poured into the waters there and it had tragic results, including developmental defects in children, medical harm to adults, and many other issues that will cause years of troubles. When I started the app, there were 10 water stations I listed, and then I asked people to help me build the app by submitting water stations. The resulting wave of people that came to supply any information they had was inspiring. The app quickly grew from 10 water stations to over 40 water stations, recycling centers, and counseling service locations. I love working on Adventurate, our beloved adventure travel booking app. But working on SafeWater Flint was a project that remains very close to me. It felt very rewarding to take a break from the fun work of helping people discover and book adventures like kayak rentals, helicopter tours, and sailing charters across Florida and Michigan, to do the important work of addressing the challenges that face communities. 

I am honored and humbled to receive this Character Award from the West Michigan Character Council. While the SafeWater Flint app received attention, I am one of many people across Michigan and other parts of the world who used their talents to help the great people of Flint through this terrible crises. So many people answered the call to public service and lent a hand in whatever capacity they could. They are a testament to the good in our society. They inspire me.

Best regards,

​Jake Santangelo

Adventurate Founder Receives Character Award