Adventurate publishes apps that make daily processes simple and delightful. Jake Santangelo originally started Adventurate as an adventure travel booking app, and pivoted to another business model after learning many lessons about the app world. While the focus has changed, simplifying things for users is at the core of what Adventurate is. Part of this was realized after he created SafeWater Flint to help residents of Flint, Michigan find clean water in the midst of the Flint Water Crises (for which he earned a Character Award).

Apps should solve everyday problems, make our lives better, and have impeccable design. They must also balance two competing aims - connecting and unplugging. Apps must utilize amazing technology while at the same time reducing the noise that diverts our attention from important things (which often is a direct result of technology). Towards this goal, Jake makes apps that are 1) Ad free; 2) Technologically sustainable, meaning they can last for many years; and 3) Have intuitive layouts for easy navigation.  You can find out more about him at his website or reach out to him by emailing

Jake Santangelo, Founder & CEO

Adventurate: Daily Processes Simplified